通过建立供应商之间的网络和培养项目, 加强事业竞争力,打造可持续发展的基础

LS Automotive Technologies company-Network-competitive business


  • Annual General Assembly -  Evaluate and award the previous year’s company of the year for excellent results Share previous year’s results and operation strategy


    • 奖励上年度优秀企业
    • 分享上年度业绩及运营战略
  • Collective Networking Group - Increase partnership and share quality results Learn international technology and benchmark examples from abroad Participate in Motor Shows and visit top companies for field research


    • 共享质量实绩,加强伙伴关系
    • 标杆学习海外实例,海外技术进修
    • 参观车展,参观优秀企业
  • Workshops and conferences - Hold quarterly meetings between partners and affiliates Workshop focused on improving the bottom line

    座谈会, 研讨会

    • 合作会分科进行座谈会
    • 损益改善研讨会


  • Education - Execute external education programs through domestic education and external affiliations based on LS Automotive Technologies categories


    • 在LS Automotive Technologies主持下,分行业进行公司内部培训,通过外部机构实施单位外培训
  • Special Field Requirement Per Industries - Assembling, SMT: Collective Partnership Team Emission, Postprocess, Press: Component Quality Improvement Team Quality, System: Partnership Evaluation Team


    • 组装, SMT : 共生合作部
    • 注塑,后加工,冲床 : 零部件质量改善部
    • 质量, 系统 : 供应商评价部
  • Round-table Conferences, Workshops - Improve the quality, develop new automobiles Come up with management ideas for partners, improve the bottom line Ethical Business management

    座谈会, 研讨会

    • 提高质量,新车开发
    • 供应商运营方案,损益改善
    • 道德经营

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